Zivotov Law takes on the "impossible" cases — achieving awesome results.

$22,000,000 Boxing Injury

Magomed Abdusalmov receives $22M injury settlement from New York State

$14,000,000 Auto Accident

Car Service Driver blamed for causing accident found blameless after trial, 14 million Verdict

$9,000,000  Injured HVAC Repair Man

HVAC mechanic blamed for causing his own injuries in 20 foot fall through attic ceiling, 9 million Verdict.

$5,250,000  Pedestrian Stuck By Truck

Pedestrian blamed for not seeing a truck that struck him in a crosswalk found blameless by the court, 5.25 million Settlement

$1,000,000  Airport Worker Injury

Airport cargo loading employee blamed for his own injuries when he tried to prevent an improperly stacked cargo from toppling, 1 million settlement 

$500,000  Medical Malpractice

84 year old victim of medical malpractice blamed for her drop foot condition due to her advanced age, 500,000 Settlement

$500,000  PEdestrian Accident

Pedestrian struck on her knee, didn’t fall but developed back problems requiring surgery, 800,000 Settlement 

$800,000  Car Accident

Young women injured in a car accident was offered 17k for fractured collar bone, case settled for 800k due to brain injury

$500,000  Lawn Mower Accident

16 year old Ukrainian boy blamed by relatives he was visiting for injuring fingers by lawnmower blade, 500,000 Verdict - relatives found 50% liable for failing to instruct and supervise